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I almost forgot my imperfections are I hate being short I'm only 5ft tall and sometimes wish I was taller but with age now i'm fine being short and if i could change anything else i'd lose about 20 pounds but thats something i can change but until then i'm fine being me short and fabulous!

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On: Jul 25, 2011

WOW I hope your sister just going thru a phase as we all do with imperfections but surgery is not the answer.She i s lacking self esteem which is why I always say we need more mentors for our younger Angels.She needs to sit in front a mirror and seriously look herself and realize she is beautiful inside and out.I think alot of it is age and she's looking at the media's idea of beauty but until she loves herself nothing we say or do is going to change her opinion. I pray she embraces what makes unique and beautiful. Keep being your sisters champion and celebrate her. I wish her well and if she needs to talk or get a different perspective I'm here and she can contact me @mrscvs_VaAngels &

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On: Jul 25, 2011
On: Jul 25, 2011

YES! I suggested a while back to Troy for Trey to remake some Donny Hathaway songs cause his voice is Perfect for it but Troy thought it was too old for Trey, I don't think so I would love to hear "A song For You" and " Giving Up"..Mmhh I see Trey getting into both those songs and going hard.

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On: Jul 24, 2011

Yes ladies I agree that some thought needs to be put into the design and for all the ladies as i too am challenged with jeans since i'm only 5ft and have a womans body.I would still love to see this become a reality. I like the white and black jeans to go along with our Treys Angels hoodie and the Team Songz jackets to complete the look.So keep the ideas coming and make this a reality for the fall look ladies.

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On: Jul 24, 2011's picture
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Grown and sexy fan of Trey always ready to support him. Ive followed Treys career since I saw him perform in the local talent shows iin and around Va., it may seem strange to be crazy about a man no older than my own sons but I will always support local talent especially when you can see the passion behind the music and see the commitment he gives to everything he touches. I will always support Trey and give him all the hometown love he deserves.Love You Trey from Va. Official Angel #STIMULATING ANGEL
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