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On: Jul 25, 2011

YES! I suggested a while back to Troy for Trey to remake some Donny Hathaway songs cause his voice is Perfect for it but Troy thought it was too old for Trey, I don't think so I would love to hear "A song For You" and " Giving Up"..Mmhh I see Trey getting into both those songs and going hard.

On: Jul 24, 2011

Yes ladies I agree that some thought needs to be put into the design and for all the ladies as i too am challenged with jeans since i'm only 5ft and have a womans body.I would still love to see this become a reality. I like the white and black jeans to go along with our Treys Angels hoodie and the Team Songz jackets to complete the look.So keep the ideas coming and make this a reality for the fall look ladies.

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On: Jul 24, 2011

I agree the sizes need to be expanded as Trey have lots of Angels that are mature women and we don't wear junior sizes.Even though I can wear the clothing it would be nice to see women sizes and junior sizes specially for women like myself who are full busted.

On: Jul 22, 2011
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Grown and sexy fan of Trey always ready to support him. Ive followed Treys career since I saw him perform in the local talent shows iin and around Va., it may seem strange to be crazy about a man no older than my own sons but I will always support local talent especially when you can see the passion behind the music and see the commitment he gives to everything he touches. I will always support Trey and give him all the hometown love he deserves.Love You Trey from Va. Official Angel #STIMULATING ANGEL
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