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I agree the sizes need to be expanded as Trey have lots of Angels that are mature women and we don't wear junior sizes.Even though I can wear the clothing it would be nice to see women sizes and junior sizes specially for women like myself who are full busted.

Replied To: Womens Sizes In Merchandise (Forum topic)
On: Jul 22, 2011
On: Jul 19, 2011
Replied To: STAR ANGEL (Blog)
On: Jul 19, 2011

Ok ladies Really? Think about it if Trey were seriously dating do you think he would keep it a secret.Trey is the type of man that would show off his woman especially if he's in love.He doesn't need to hide or keep it a secret and his true fans and Angels would be happy and celebrate his new life.After all Trey is a man and still young I think he's still exploring his options and as you know Trey is all about his brand at this time.I don't see him settling down any time soon but if he does I'll be happy to know that he is moving toward his next chapter in life.

Replied To: Engaged? (Forum topic)
On: Jul 18, 2011

wouldn't let me vote either but i like Miami

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On: Jul 13, 2011's picture
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Grown and sexy fan of Trey always ready to support him. Ive followed Treys career since I saw him perform in the local talent shows iin and around Va., it may seem strange to be crazy about a man no older than my own sons but I will always support local talent especially when you can see the passion behind the music and see the commitment he gives to everything he touches. I will always support Trey and give him all the hometown love he deserves.Love You Trey from Va. Official Angel #STIMULATING ANGEL
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