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@Essence711, thank you also for your prayers.

I just wanted to let everyone know, that discernment or discerning of spirits is not for a select few people. Everyone can have eyes that see and ears that hear. Knowing God's Voice and being able to recognize signs comes from spending time in His Word, first and foremost. It is through the Word of God that the Holy Spirit first teaches us to hear and know the Father's Voice. The Word of God is the first step in learning to discern whether the spirit operating through a person or ourselves is of God (the Holy Spirit) or not. You do this by lining up what is being said/done by what God has had written in His Word. E.g. Jesus was able to resist Satan in the Wildnerness because He used the Sword of the Spirit/the Word of God against the deceiving spirit/Satan.

As you can see even in Jesus' case, the devil's enticing is not usually clear. He's not going to show his horns and say 'worship me'. What he's offering may often seem good and even appeal to what you're called to do (he offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world, knowing that Jesus came to save the world). However, only through the Holy Spirit and the Word are we able to recognize his deceptions and combat it with truth. Jesus used the truth of the Word to fight the enemy.

Likewise, the calling on the lives of artists is the reason why a lot of people in the music industry are attacked by the enemy. Satan knows that they have influence and a voice that can impact the world with one song, one video, one clothing line, fragrance, etc. It is for this reason that the devil uses musical artists, etc. to push his agendas and reach people with his deceptions. He knows that he can offer artists fame and fortune in exchange for promoting his agenda. And he does it through deception and appearing as an angel of light.

All in all, I just say pray and ask God for a discerning heart, read His Word, and watch as He begins to reveal things to you :)

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On: Apr 22, 2012

@Numba1hon, I don't think we're talking about the same video??? I agree, that some of them are unaware and are just 'puppets' but I personally wouldn't agree to wear something satanic for the money. Clearly, there are other people pulling the strings behind the scenes to push their larger agendas. There is no way these people from the hood (not referring to Drake since he's not from the hood lol) would know about this type of stuff unless someone introduced them to it. However, when you wear those satanic symbols, you open up yourself to be manipulated by witches and warlocks. They know how to cast curses and release demons through these images, so you must be careful. That's them marking you for their property. Spiritual warfare is not something to be played with.

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On: Apr 13, 2012

@everyone (lol) I agree that those who have a strong belief in God are not moved by foolishness. However, those who are not moved by foolishness are also not "entertained" by foolishness. What Nicki did was not entertainment. I don't know how many different ways someone can tell somebody that they are demon possessed before they believe them lol!!! Seriously, what woman has a 'male alter ego'. That's called demon possession! Some things people just can't see even if it is staring them right in the face. I understand that you must have discernment to see certain things, but I thought that was pretty plain. And I'm sorry if I sound just a tad bit peeved in this post, but I'm like, if ppl can't see this and stand for simple stuff like this, how will they stand when they start passing out the mark of the beast? 'It's just a little mark for me to buy some things. It's not that big of deal.' I don't think ppl realIy understand that if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything. I pray for people to have eyes to see, ears to hear, hearts to understand, and a backbone to stand :)

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On: Apr 12, 2012

@-Bobbi-, treysnewestangel1, and JIMS I agree with you all about how having a good professional team on the road can keep him grounded. @JIMS, I agree that some rumors are put out to sabotage people's careers. However, I also agree that actions speak louder than words (This is not in reference to Trey at all but the individuals I mentioned before). If you are wearing satanic clothes, quoting witches and warlocks, acting demon possessed, and mocking the name of Christ, you are clearly not on Team Jesus lol. These type of people, I would stay away from because they can lead you down the wrong path. They can also get you caught up in some foolishness that you never intended to be apart of.

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On: Apr 12, 2012

Furthermore, he has collaborated and is close with many people in the Young Money crew. Nicki Minaj openly let people know that she was demon possessed with a male demon named Roman at the grammy's. It is for this main reason that the woman always raps like she is possessed and moves as if she is under someone else's control. She named her whole new cd off this possession, and the body of work reflects that possession. However, people seem to not have enough to discernment to see that this is not a game. Furthermore, Drake has worn many shirts with the 'all seeing eye' or 'third eye' of witchcraft and his recent video that features Trey shows his ascentment into full fledged false enlightenment. This was the whole point of the video. To be bar mitzvah'ed means to step into manhood. It's a type of rebirth. He redid it, to show his dedication to Young Money and what it stands for. For example, in the video both Baby and Drake were wearing shirts with the 'owl symbol', a symbol of the Bohemian Grove secret society. The Bohemian Grove is known for having hidden agendas and for secret homosexual acts. Both he and Baby were wearing the shirts, and see as how Baby initiated Lil' Wayne...(self explanatory lol).

All I say is he should watch the company he keeps. I only write this 'cause I do care. I will keep praying for him to be led by wisdom and have divine relationships that line up with God's will for his life, both in business and personally.

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On: Apr 11, 2012
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