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My name is Hykeen and im 17 years old. Im currently in Anderson SC. Im a fan of Trey songs thats my boii/ big bro!. He inspires me so much and sometimes i wish i could sing with him one day and we both just kill it on stage. Not only does Trey Songz inspires me but im shure he inspires many more people like me. Trey make some of the most incredable music that i can sometimes relate to and know what hes talking about. I wish and hope to be an R&B artist when ever i get the opertunity(thats my gold/wish/and dream untill its forfilled=). I dont quite yet know how im going to forfill this dream of mine but i know for a fact that it will prosper=) idc if i have to be signed by someone its goin to happn. Singing is not only what i like to do but its something that i do every day and it helps me have a great day and not only that but it helps me get threw the day. I guess you could say my life revolves around sing and heck so do i lol but i love it and im thankful that i have a voice to sing.
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