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i luv u trey songz


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On: Jan 18, 2011
On: Dec 08, 2010
On: Dec 01, 2010
Replied To: Watch Trey on EXTRA Tonight! (Blog)
On: Dec 01, 2010
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i luv u trey songz
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Hello, I am a princess that loves Trey Songz, his face, his music, his voice and all the above. I have always known about Trey but I did not really get into him till about last year. He is so fine and his voice...omg when he sings I cry sometimes his voice is that pretty and smooth. Passion, Pain, and Pleasure is the first CD i have bought in about a year. I just wanted to support him and get to look at the pictures and just droll lol. My friends pick at me all the time because of how i talk about him like he is my boyfriend lol whenever I see him smile or anything i get excited and happy lol cant help it. I LOVE YOU TREY SONGZ!!!!!!
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