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Replied To: FOLLOW FRIDAY (Blog)
On: Aug 26, 2011

Come back to Chicago Trey. Or invite me to where u are located. i would just like to meet Trey of course(i mean who wouldnt)!!!!!! When i meet him, I would love to party with him and the crew. Just 1 time. LOL seriously though. Him, Fab, L. James, and I would shut the place dOOooown. Im 25 yrs old! I Knows How To Party LOL........or to make it simple jus follow me on twitter Trey @So00beautiful

On: Aug 18, 2011

@TreyDee giiirl i already kno LOL

On: Mar 07, 2011

HEY already following ya

On: Feb 25, 2011
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Ayanna #renegadeangel
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WASSUP ANGELS!This is ya girl Ayanna.(of course im a Trey fan )I will absolutely luv 2 meet him,chill with him,party with him or even just b a piece of arm candy on the red carpet with him. i mean..who wouldnt?? LOL iplays :). Anywho im 26 yrs college with a major in Visual Communication & Graphic Arts.I graduated with my Associates in May 2011. Im goin 2 change my major to Media Broadcasting.My main career goal would b2 find a job on entertainment television.I can b the next Rocsi on 106 & park..LOL Seriously tho.I recently found an interest in modeling and am a part of Urban Beauty Modeling Troupe.I am also seekin private modeling opportunities although i dont plan on making it a career, i enjoy doing it.I used to be on Kruciial Kreatiionz dance troupe. I've battled on 106 & park and won 1st place and battled on NY Blazin The Stage :-).Im cute and pretty fun to be around. I like to have FUN. GREAT PERSONALITY
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Ayanna Meyer
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May 22nd

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