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Replied To: INTERVIEW (Blog)
On: Apr 29, 2011

I am rally amazed that someone was really that bold to say that to anyone. no matter how far you are and angel is still considered loyal no matter what. What makes an angel is not how many concerts you attend or promotions its about being a fan not matter what happens. People crack me i am a grateful mother and full-time student and employee. When people say things like that its because deep inside they are not satisfied with themselves or jealous of your accomplishments. Keeping doing you and succeed your an angel in my book.

P.S Come on ladies instead of hating on one another be happy for one another

On: Apr 22, 2011
Replied To: MTV WRAP UP (Blog)
On: Apr 15, 2011

Being a apart of Treys Angels as made me really appreciate the diversity and the appreciation each and every single angel as to offer in their own individual way. Even though i have never got the chance to meet trey I enjoy the fact that i can support him in every way no matter the distance. Reading the stories and sharing the experience with fellow angels enlightens me and makes my even more proud to be and angel. When i first seen Trey it was the Taste of Chicago in 2010 he is not only just a performer but a extraordinaire. Captivating his audience in every way possible. To Trey and to all the Angels thank you for making me feel like family and continuing to do so. Blessings to Trey and to every single angel.....

In the words of Trey YUUUUUUUP

On: Apr 09, 2011
Replied To: LUCKY LADY (Blog)
On: Mar 24, 2011
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Hello everyone this is Alexis i am currently running my own business Alexis Warnick Photography ( I am an loving outgoing individual one of kind i think the number one in goal is to set trends not follow them life is what you make it you can do whatever you put your mind to. Currently attending Harrington College of Interior Design getting my Associates in applied Science and my BFA in commercial photography. Just here to represent myself as one of Treys Angels and my love for Mr. Gorgeous himself Trey Songz.I never had the chance to meet Trey but i hope too someday. Trey as and artist is driven and is an original. He manages to captivate his audience with is soul and heart fulfilling performances. He is one of a kind and i am truly a passionate fan. Hey my fellow angles if you would like can you guys follow me at!/crypticartist
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