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Replied To: TO ALL ANGELS (Forum topic)
On: Jul 29, 2011


Replied To: ANGELS NEEDED (Forum topic)
On: Jul 26, 2011

I agree with everyone people have said already. I have my flaws and so do these models that seem to be praised in today's society. Makeup does WONDERS. And some of the people who have already gotten cosmetic surgery express how they dislike their results or go back more and more in attempt to fix what was fine to begin with. Long story short, none of it is needed. She is beautiful as is.

Replied To: Angels with Perfect Imperfections (Forum topic)
On: Jul 26, 2011

I'm big on acronyms .. I wish he would do something like that. Like (just an example) but something like F.A.A.R. It could stand for F(orrest) A(pril) A(lex) R(ose) but it could have a double meaning .. like .. how far he's come in the industry.

Blah! Lol.

Replied To: Name Trey's 5th Album (Forum topic)
On: Jul 02, 2011

Great post!

Replied To: College Scholarship Opportunities (Forum topic)
On: Jun 23, 2011
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