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Awe, happy belated birthday!

Replied To: Tomorrow is my birthday but I feel sad (Forum topic)
On: Jun 22, 2011

Your best bet would be to find some ladies in your area and talk to them via twitter. You may get more of a response there =)

Replied To: A.W.H (Forum topic)
On: Jun 22, 2011

Again, I agree with everything you've said. Nothing on twitter should be taken seriously enough to where you actually get mad over it lol people are all worried about the wrong things now. Yeah they should maintain some level of respect but we're not here for them.

And CB has a bigger Stan-base in my opinion. When it comes down to it, most would pick him over Trey .. even though they'll swear up and down its different. His die-hards are really that. Plenty of Trey's fans are just bandwagons who've done their research .. so they blend in with the ones that have been around since the beginning.

Replied To: Let's Be Real Angels (Forum topic)
On: Jun 22, 2011

Renewing because I like Trey .... and I want to see what those little cards are for.

If there are cool angels that I meet along the way then fine. I'm not here for the other nonsense.

On: Jun 20, 2011

Yeah. The back and forth between the two teams as a whole is immature. While you're spending time arguing via twitter, you could be voting .. promoting .. SOMETHING. And you DON'T have to pick ONE to be a "real angel". Fuck outta here with that ..

Replied To: #teamSONGZ vs #teamBREEZY (Forum topic)
On: Jun 20, 2011
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