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Lol, that is perfectly fine.. is this from the NY show??

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On: Mar 14, 2011
On: Feb 13, 2011

OMG!! you made me tear up! I am truly sorry for your lost and that is a is great thing that Trey was able to help you through hard times. He would be more than happy to hear that I am sure. I say you should write to him and have them give him the letter just in case you can't get the words out. That would be something different I think, and he will be very pleased. Are you going to the concert in NY?? Is that how you guys are meeting him?? Are there still tickets, do you know?? Anyway don't be confused.. just breath when you talk to him. He is human!! Lol a very, very special human!!! Good luck and let me know how it goes if you can!

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On: Jan 18, 2011

@Maryannsongz.. really?? congrats I hope you get to embrace him and all that

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On: Jan 18, 2011

We probably seen each other.. I went to the Beacon on 9/17 and I was at the signing on the colli block!! I would have jumped on his ass at the signing but that damn Alonso or w.e his name is was there and he looks like he will stomp someone out for Trey

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On: Jan 18, 2011
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