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I have so many but my all time favorite is Role Play. :) my song..

On: Feb 19, 2013

Maybe it's just taking some time to announce the winners. A lot of people did do the contest so all we can do is just be patient really.

On: Feb 18, 2013

My birthday is actually on Valentine's day, & I will be 17 years old. But, I never do nothing really special on my birthday. But, if I could have a Simply Amazing Valentine's day it would just be a day where I would spend it with the ones I love. I don't expect much, meaning gifts or anything special, but spending the day with my love ones is all I would need to make it a "Simply Amazing" Valentine's day. I always spend my days inside the walls of my school, working the day away. I just want to spend the day with my family, and let them know how much I care for them and love them. This can happen any day & any hour but I just don't want them to forget it. My love for them and their sweet love for me is just "Simply Amazing!"

On: Feb 12, 2013
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I'm from Milwaukee, but I reside in Atlanta. I'm 18, and I'm also Cuban. I'm a die hard Trey Songz fan. Love his music, and everything he does. Follow me on IG: iiamdestinyy
Love to read, and write my own stories. I listen to music on a daily basis, and I pretty much do anything that seems interesting to me.
United States
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I've only been to one concert, and that was at Trey's concert in Milwaukee, WI for his Anticipation 2our with Big Sean. That was the first and last one I been to since then, and it was the best experience ever.
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