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Mario Winans wrote that song

On: Oct 31, 2010

lol I know it's just a coincidence but it's just crazy how much I relate..

On: Oct 28, 2010

lol funny story..

On: May 05, 2010

lol @ Mrs Trigga.

I think he likes a woman who's intelligent and probably loves music just as much as he do (Musicians often admire other musicians). But not only that, but someone who has class but knows how to have fun. Someone who's loyal & down-to-earth, independent and can do just as good with or without him. make a long story short, he wants a chick like me!! ;)p

On: Feb 17, 2010

Naaa...he too good for those. I think Armani Exchange.. Yeah, he'd look sexy(er) in that!

On: Feb 17, 2010
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