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On: Oct 10, 2011
On: Oct 10, 2011
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i can not wait to get to meet trey to im i love him for him and his music nd his sexy ness lol : ) i will always be there for trey even though he may not know me hopefully one day he will : ) i have told many people that i am saving my self for trey.i dont think i could love anyone as much as i love trey except my mom and dad trey probly has about 10% more love then them.. well i know trey willl not see this but if anyone that knows him sees this i really hope that you will let him read this or tell him about it would mean the world to me for me to meet trey <3 btw im in the 10th grade this year and i just turned 15 on oct,22 my fav day is nov,28 becuase it is the day tht trey was born best day ever and also thats my fav month my moms birthday is also in that month so thats also special will until next time trey you know i love you....... -3isha <3
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