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Hey Lady,

My OMG tour experience was in Oakland California, November12th. It was the first concert my girl @MzShaynaKris has ever been too. I won skip the line and the Angel mission so you know I was so excited.

Skip the Line
At best buy I was nervous at first but you walk in and he gives you "that smile" it can do one of two things make you pass out or put you at ease and he put me at ease. So I walk up to the table and he was like come around here close to me (really Trey) lol. So I went on the side of the table and we chatted a bit he asked my name and I told him. I asked him would he sign another cover for my friend that lives in Turkey and he did. I had a card in my hand for him that some of the Angels signed he asked "what's this" I said oh it's for you...He was like give it to me then (in my head I was like right on this floor in front of everyone) but he was talking about the card lol. So after I gave him the card we hugged took pic #1 and he was like Bye Glo...see that did it for me because we were connected from there.

After the Angel Mission (Backstage)
Well you know Trey is super cool so he comes out shirtless of course and was like "wassup ya'll" I was like oh you did so gooood he said thank you and he was like wassup ya'll again and we were all quiet and I was thinking I really wish they all leave. :) So he talked to every1 individually and then it was my turn my hands were freezing. He gave me a hug and we took another picture (2 pics in one day, thanks to that luck @Ozshaleek sent me) he signed my wings he asked my name was I started pouting he said babygirl I meet so many people I forget and I said but I thought I made an impression in looked at me and said your name is Gloria and you have a friend named Gloria and I signed a CD cover for her too and it said Merry Christmas. I was like I knew you loved me, he smiled. Then it was over, he said his goodbyes we went back to see the concert... I will never forget that day it was Great.

On: Jan 26, 2011

Please restock I have the perfect spot for it I need that calendar

@ILuvBeautifulme aka Gloria

On: Jan 08, 2011
On: Dec 29, 2010
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On: Dec 23, 2010
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