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Lmaoooo @ hitting a nerve.
@SShorty, I wasnt saying you, I was saying in general. Lol. I was kinda referring to something that happened on twitter, sowwie. I'm not mad or anything about it, I'm just saying I never saw the distinction. Even before I became one. But, everyone looks at things differently, lol. Just had to put my opinion cause we should all be in this together since we're here for him. Live in peace and harmony. PEACE ON EARTH!! Lmfao.

On: Dec 12, 2010

Lol @ everybody wanting to be his best friend. But, I would too.

On: Dec 12, 2010

@Bobbi, I love you. Thank you for saying that, lol. And thank you for saying that you see all his fans as angels and that some just decided to purchase the shirt and tag. I sooooo agree with you and see it that way too. I never saw a distinction. I don't understand why people are trying to segregate his fans when we're all here for the same reason.

On: Dec 11, 2010

Omg @Bobbi! That's exactly what I've been trying to say about the fans and angels thing. I see all of his fans as Angels. The only difference is that we have an official title now. Once you buy that shirt and dog tag, that just mean you are officially in the fan club.

Replied To: trey songz... (Forum topic)
On: Dec 11, 2010

No, you don't have to be a angel for Trey to appreciate you. I feel that Trey loves ALL his fans. He says it, a lot. He tweets it, also. He recently randomly tweeted, "I love u all" and "I love my fans". Before the Angels, it's not like he didn't acknowledge his fans, because he did. He acknowledge them a lot. He told them how appreciative he was of them. The main reason he was probably only giving shout outs to the angels is to promote the fan club, so that his "regular" fans that didn't know about it can join and be a part of the movement too! I highly doubt its any favoritism in it anywhere. The only difference between the angels and his "regular" fans is that now there's an official name for us. Like @MIZZR3D said, he says, "S/O to all my fans AND Trey's Angels!" I mean, it's a fan club. Someone that pays extra for something should be given the same treatment as someone who didn't pay at all? He wouldn't have a fan club then because nobody would pay if everybody got the same perks. If you pay more, you get more. Trey's Angels is for ALL of his fans, all of them. But, if you're not a Angel and you still go that extra mile for him, and he notices it, he'll give you the recognition you deserve. It's not like he's just dubbing random people his "angel" and giving them exclusive opportunities, it's your choice if you want to be one or not. Trey's Angels is just something special that he decided to let all his fans in on. If you want exclusive opportunities with him, they you join the club. That's all it is. It's not, "If you join my club, I'll love you more." I'm pretty sure he'd like all his supporters to be a part of his fan club, but if you cant or don't want to, I'm sure he understands and loves you just the same.

Just like his ustream says, "DO IT FOR THE FANS!" :)

On: Dec 11, 2010
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