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My name Is Tracey. Im In Love with Trey.!♥♥ I am 14 Years Old Will Be !5 in November Heyyy. I Love to Sing.Right Now I'm Feeling TreySongz and ChrisBrown also SouljaBoy. One of My Favorite Songs by Trey is uhh You Belong to Me and MisUnderStood FreeStyle.. What Made Me Like Trey SO Much heys his Own Man.. He Listens,He UnderStands,and He Gives Good Edvice to People like me even Older. I Admire Him I Look Up to This Man.TreySongz He sings what He Knows,What hes going threw or Maybe what others going threw..But threw it all he's UnderStands.No Ones Perfect But this man is Truely best and I want to give thanks to GOD and His PArents.. I Love You TreySongz
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