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I don't know if Trey even sees theses comments but if I didn't win it would be enough for him just to see this and I'm not gonna lie, I haven't been a fan since day dot but you have already made such an impact on me and it would be "SIMPLY AMAZING" to get a chance to ask you one of the thousand questions I've wished to ask you and i would end up having a "heart attack" just from the excitement. I guess I could say the "2 reasons" I think I should win this is because you are one of the few people who truly inspire me and even though I may not have been a fan for as long as others I support you just as strong as any other. I hope to see you continue on what you do best and to achieve everything and anything you want to.... and the fact you have a pretty face and a charming smile is a bonus :) much love and appreciated <3

On: Aug 11, 2012
IssySongz_YUUP's picture
United Kingdom
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