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I absolutely agree with treysnewestangek1. You need to visit your financial aid office and work with a financial advisor. You can also visit the FAFSA website where you can apply directly for student loans. Also do research for scholarships. They are available for college students and can be offered in different ways. For example if you are the child of an immigrant, as you stated earlier, you may be eligible for a scholarship. Their are also need based and merit based scholarship that depend in grades and/or your parents income. My mom is from Colombia and she also immigrated and as I am bilingual I received a scholarship from the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Their are similar funds available to students of minority backgrounds. I hope I have helped a little and I wish you all the best. Remember to never give up and always work hard toward your goals. Keep God in your heart and talk to him during these tough times. I hope your situation at home improves. If I can help in any other way please do not hesitate to contact me via twitter @itacol2010 I hope this helped a bit.

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On: Aug 10, 2012
On: Feb 15, 2012


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On: Jan 12, 2012

I absolutely agree with you!!! And I think its great that you took the time to write about this and put your thoughts out there. I love trey songz, I have for a while now, and like you said probably more than I really should lol. But if Trey finds someone for him as his most loyal fans we should be happy for him, the same way he would probably be happy for us if we found love. We can't and shouldn't take that away from him. And yes it will hurt my heart to know that he belongs to someone else, but he has every right to and it should suffice to know that we all hold a special place in his heart!!

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On: Jan 11, 2012

this would be so amazing!!

On: Oct 04, 2011
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My name is Allessandra!! I am absolutely in love with Trey lol!!! I love music and cooking. I'm a freshmen in college and I work. I love going to concerts and I have been blessed enough to see Trey twice!! I look forward to getting in touch with some CT angels so we can do some community service as a part of Angel's with Heart!!
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