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Hi Trey, my name's Makenna. I'm 15 years old and I love to sing. Your music is extremely inspiring to me, has helped me through good and bad times. Your music is really one of the reasons I write songs and sing even when I've wanted to give up because I may not feel I'm good enough. You are obviously very hard working and I recently saw an Interview you had with Pandora saying that you don't only do this for the money and fame, although they're "bonus additives". You do it because it makes people happy and because you just genuinely love singing, rapping, song writing and making music. I admire that a lot because a lot of people would just do it for fame and money. My favorite song of yours is Find A Place off #Anticipation 2. I think your voice is very unique, pure, sweet and your tone is very rich. I'm sure anyone could hear the passion in your songs when you sing and it's a wonderful thing to hear (: You know when you get tingles at how amazing something is? That's how I feel about your music. You clearly have a different approach to music than a lot of other artists do. I love the R&b soul genre and think you're the best in it. Your music means so much to me. Even if I don't win the contest, I'll always appreciate listening to your music each and every day . I may not be your oldest biggest fan....But I'm sure I'm one of the youngest biggest fans.

On: Aug 09, 2012
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