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On: Jun 10, 2011

Can't wait 2 see Trey, this is the main reason y I bought tickets, Usher is ok, but Trey is goin SHUT IT DOWN!!! kinda upset that the cd is the same day as the concert. But still excited0:-)

On: Nov 13, 2010

@Shanell28 I agree wit u 100 and 10 %!!! This is exactly how I b feeling. These girls on twitter b talking about each other terrible, and I b thinkin REALLY Y'all trying 2 get on somebody ova TWITTER!!!LOL and not only that but do they b thinking that Trey even cares? If he do see what they b saying he prob sitting back laughing. I love him just as much as the next girl but I respect him as a man as well, he's just another human 2 me. I mean yes he can sing, and yes he does look o so sexy, and seems 2 b a very sweet and humble gentleman but he's human just like me, he bleed like me, cry like me, hurt like me, and have feelings like me. They b treating him like he a GOD or something, I mean they get mad ova the smallest things, like I know I said something about his eyebrows, and this lil ass girl really tried 2 get smart wit me...LOL Seriously though it's not that serious, I've also noticed how he only follow certain ppl, and retweet certain ppl, but I don't b trippin cuz it's not goin kill me, I'm goin keep goin on about my life whether he follows me or not. Plus I've gotten 2 meet him once, and it wasn't the exact type of meeting that I was hoping for but that's more then what a lot of other ppl can say that really want 2 meet him who love him just as much as me or even more than me. I don't need 2 keep saying VOTE 4 Trey a thousand times or say every lil thing about him on my twitter 2 b considered a real angel, I paid $30 for the membership, and for me that's enuff 2 b considered a Trey's Angel. 2 me I just feel that a lot of the girls in the Trey's Angels r a clique, and that's not sumthing I wanna b apart of, I feel that it just goes 2 show the lil girls, from the grown women!

On: Nov 08, 2010
On: Sep 24, 2010
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