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JadoreMeBitch __ Yuuup


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Hmmmm... well I would just be happy cause I already met Treyy when him , my sister, & I modeled for Harlem Fashion week

On: Feb 23, 2010
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JadoreMeBitch __ Yuuup
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Many Adore me, many love me,&& some hate me, but the truth is i can Adore myself because if i didn't no one else will && because i do i'm hated. honestly, i think im a pretty cool person. i love life & i take it one stride at a time. veryyy artistic, love to qiqqle, & an StarBucks-freak! lightskinned-sceautyy :) w| a taste in fashion that others think of as "different" . my taste in music? endlesss . i love every sinqle type of qenre of music. i hold hip-hop close to my heart, esp. that of the late 90s . soul is my thinq . :) Ohh && did I mention I'm a B R O O K L Y N breed? lol & ive really qrown to understand that there is NO ONE else in the world like me & no matter what none other can be me . if that comes off cocky, thats your business. in closinq notes: i LOVEEEEE my BLACKBERRY & if yu havent noticed, there's somethinq terribly wronq w| yur brain. Soo lets be friendss . :) -- ohh, & add me on twitter @JadoreMeBitch