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On: Nov 24, 2010
On: Sep 30, 2010
On: Sep 13, 2010

I don't normally rate people until i've actually met them and gotten to know them but this man right here is one of the few exceptions to my rule. I am very, very observant and keen when it comes to people and their personalities and this man seems to be as real as they come. After watching numerous videos of Trey Songz, including interviews, candids and real time clips, I've noticed that no matter how many times they ask him certain questions his answers (opinionated or not) never really change. He is extremely and impressively articulate, choosing his words as wisely and as carefully as can be without altering the truth of his responses. This proves flat out that "Cool" doesn't have to be of inverse proportion to "intelligent". I admire how he tries his best to answer, in truthful depth, anything asked of him and instead of lying or trying to satisfy his audience's expectations, he prefers to decline a response. He tends to be truthfully open with most issues. Over the years he doesn't seem to have changed for the worse and his critical self changes aren't really much more than those changes required to protect his success in the industry. Just as he has mentioned before that Tremaine Neverson has grown over the years, as a fan I can say it's quite noticeable where Trey Songz has grown as well. I still personally and strongly believe this man's greatest accomplishment yet will be totally exclusive of the entertainment industry; and entertainment thru his music and acting will be his platform. He has THE qualities to make great changes in the world, outside of entertainment. I hope and pray I get to see this happen before my time is up. So continuous blessings firstly to Tremaine Neverson (the OG) secondly to Trey Songz (the product of the OG's hard work) and lastly but very importantly to all those who positively impact his life to be a better man each waking day! I'm not tryna be on his jock but just as we criticize, we must give props & respect where due.

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On: Sep 09, 2010
On: Sep 07, 2010
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