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so i guess um suppose to say why im treys biggest fan ?/ well i remeber waaaaay back when i was in year 8 ( 3 years ago) when i saw his song i need a girl on 106 and park before i went to school ! , this was before anyone i knew , knew him! i given printed out his picture and decorated my school book with it !! it was from the moment i heard the song i fell in love with it and from that point i decided to follow trey on his journey to stardom! (loool yes i remember the first trey songz , song i EVER listen to!! ) trey inspires me and soo many sooo much , soo much that none of us could verbal explain but one thing that me and his fans do know , is that whether we meet trey or not we WILL support him no matter what , trey made me realized what i want to be in life and although he may not realize it but his music can inspire many to do the same , and thats why im a huge fan but also soooooo thankful for trey being where he is now , i respect him soo much and if i do ever meet him whether it be in this competition or some other place id be sure to thank him ! sooo for all of this THANKS TREY !!!

On: Aug 18, 2012
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United Kingdom