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From the VA

Replied To: Angels from the DMV where yall at?? (Forum topic)
On: Jul 05, 2011

If she dont leave her husband!!! She pissn me off wit alll dis BS she puttin him through..

Replied To: The Secret Service Update!!!!! (Forum topic)
On: Jul 01, 2011

I sent you a tweet but here is my twitter:


Replied To: Angels 20 and Under We Need Your Help! (Forum topic)
On: Mar 15, 2011

Hey im in the 757..

Replied To: CALLING ALL VA ~ANGELS~ (Forum topic)
On: Feb 18, 2011

I know right. The sad part is my own mother says it. Just because we never really see him with a woman doesn't mean he is gay. He knows he makes more money if he is/looks single.

On: Feb 14, 2011
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