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Jay Dee


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On: Oct 21, 2009
On: Sep 27, 2009

He texted it was up... I ran to a nearby computer!!! I am FOREVER under his HOLD!!! And I do not mind at all

Replied To: TREY SONGZ <3 (Forum topic)
On: Jul 24, 2009

He is a very blessed specimen if I must say so myself! Trey Songz has this sparkle in his eye that hypnotizes me! He is gorgeous with a great personality. He is dedicated to his music and very compassionate towards others, especially his fans! Gracious!!! His voice is beautiful and his music is meaningful! His lyrical creativity is UNMATCHED by No other! That's why I AM Attracted to Him!!! Umm, umm, umm... :)

Replied To: What attracts you to Trey the most ? (Forum topic)
On: Jul 24, 2009

He is the effin BEST!!! While I absolutely LOVE ALL of his music these (5) are my Favoritest of All:
1.) U Belong to Me
2.) More Than That
3.) Feeling Myself
4.) Just Gotta Make It
5.) Wake UP (Mario Cover to Break UP)

Replied To: what is your favorite song of trey's? (Forum topic)
On: Jul 24, 2009
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Jay Dee
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I love life no matter how it treats me! I'm a beautiful person (inside & out) & I love trying new things. I absolutely Adore TREY SONGZ!!! He is an amazing artist & overall person even though I have not been blessed with the opportunity to meet him! His music, intellect, & aura is enough for me! Long live an icon...