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I’m so angry and upset its taken over a month for me to get my passion , pain , and pleasure package as I’m international fan l finally got it today was sooo excited but got let down .. i did not receive all the items i have paid for which i think is very bad customer service when you order something you expect to receive all the purchased items all i got was the poster and cd what about the t- shirts ? and charm bracelet? and if your an angel then u should be getting the exclusive angel t shirt and dog tags right? VERY BIG DISSAPOINTMENT !!!! i have contacted auidolife and let them know i think have breached their fulfilment of service they guaranteed to customers but i think TEAM TREY should point it out aswell we need to be heard PLEASE COULD YOU SORT THIS ISSUE OUT THANKYOU !!!!! x

On: Oct 19, 2010
On: Mar 19, 2010
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