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February 14

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January 26
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I love trey songz and i can sang every song he ever made.I am known as the realist eva.I take up 4 mi friends,family and ofcourse treysongz.many people call him gay and all i did was take up 4 him.i call him mi t.v husband..
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Starring: Trey Songz

I wake up to the sound of my alarm going off at 6am, and as I go to move, I feel as though I am strapped to the mattress of my own hotel room. “Damn” I think to myself as I look around to witness the fact that I have three fine ass half naked women weighing me down. I couldn’t help but to smile while thoughts of me being `the mothafuckin man` ran crazy in my mind. “When am I going to stop this madness” I think inside as I attempt to detangle myself from this love safari. I’m nasty, so the first thought in my mind is what exactly I did to these women? This shit was really looking like the “Sex Room” video that I shot with Luda just a couple months back. When I attempted to sit up, shawty to the left of me, wrapped her arm around my neck squeezing me like a teddy bear saying “don’t go baby” all with her eyes still closed. Damn she strong for her to still be sleeping. Apparently I needed help with this. I didn’t want to wake them though. I was not in the mood for them to be begging me to stay there longer and I honestly didn’t know ANY of their names



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