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i have holla if you need me as my ringtone, as for my message tone i have your side of the bed and for my ringback jupiter love

On: Aug 14, 2010

Of course i would sing and dance with i would enjoy the moment of being with him....yes i know its trey we talking about but i dont want to ruin the moment by looking like a a true fan a ride or die

On: Aug 14, 2010

His voice and how he respects women

Replied To: What do you think Trey best asset is? (Forum topic)
On: Aug 14, 2010

well from my perspective i love the haircut..i feel that it fits him more dont get me wrong the braids were cute but he just looks more mature and serious about what he does

On: Aug 14, 2010

ummm......i can not even explain how sexy trey is i do know he is out this world and im dead serious

Replied To: How hot is trey 1 to 10? (Forum topic)
On: Aug 14, 2010
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i am a very intellingent young lady she totally loves all of Trey Songz Songs and most definitly the person that he is.....
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