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@NUMBA1HON i rest my case on this post. i don't like those denigrating remarks about Trey and the Angel thats why i unfollowed most of TeamBreezy Stans. i barely see it and only see it when Angels are responding. Pheww enough with this post.

On: Nov 02, 2011

That is why I said few days ago that when they are promoting this club for people to join no one says it's for die hard funs eg in the UK it's if u a fan of Trey join the fun club TreysAngels & I think it should be that way coz like it or not it does add increase the support. I personally increased my support for Trey after joint the Angel Club when I was on the website I didn't care that much just having that title makes u have more devotion towards him. But I am not gonna come on here & say am a die hard just to please the Angels No. I love & Stan for good music and unfortunately Trey ain't yet my favorite Artist. And that does not mean I can't support him.

On: Nov 01, 2011

@TIFFAN700 @CUTTIGURL609 u couldn't have said it better. @NUMBER1HON I respect yo views and that is why am not renewing my AngelMembership coz I will go on & on with this subject and as long as #BreezyStanAngels are on this fun club this argument ain't going no where. I've been Loyal to Trey and northing gonna change. The tension among Angels I can't handle and this is not the way things should be in order to succeed with yo primary goal. Like @CUTIGURL609 lack of faith in Treys Ability I personally believe it's Chris that most people have a problem with coz when Some Angels Go hard for other Artists no one seems to have a problem with that but with Chris is when people get on yo nerve. With yo explanation I coclude TreyAngels is for those that Stan for non other than Trey.
Loving #Anticipation2

On: Nov 01, 2011

Ok I now understand. @Numba1Hon thaks

On: Oct 31, 2011

@Numba1hun I do understand what u mean but always thought was the fan club and TreysAngels is for dedicated funs and mainly for AWHM. Was on the fun club for a year before becoming an Angel but only signed up to the Angel club after watching Trey's video clip talking about TreysAngels. I remember him saying that it is for all dedicated funs and who want to be part of the AWHMissions. So I believed that was the main purpose for treysAngels.

On: Oct 30, 2011
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