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Alright Was upset about a particular comment On this post not what goes on on Twitter coz I never participate in such arguments as I respect both artists. but am cool now don't know Trey but judging from what I've learnt about him I don't think his that sort of person. I always laugh off those belittle comments they irk me but At the same time I believe whoever takes part is arrogant/childish etc. That's why I don't pay attention to them. I know the fun club is new & didn't expect any competitions either to be honest am not even bothered if we don't get them coz I most likely not going to participate. Like I said as long as I can afford to go to concert & buys records that's all that maters to me. I just felt that it was not right for one to say that Angels that Stan for Chris are fake and are only here to meet Trey. I do understand how it feels like for those die hard funs to see someone supporting both but I feel whoever commented went overboard.

On: Oct 30, 2011

Didn't know Trey was judgmental to see who's real and who ain't real but if he is then good bye to this fun club. no hard feelings as long as I can see him in concert and buy my CDs that's all that matters to me. I thank him for inspiring me to give back to communities.

On: Oct 30, 2011

I don't understand why angel team is so judgmental to #teambreezy Angels. I personally give equal support to both of them and did not sign coz of them competitions coz we don't get them in the uk. We don't even get pre-sale tickets smh. If Trey said it's for die hard fans then u should have made it clear before u sign us up. And all these promos on Twitter don't say anything about that all u say is if love Trey come be one of his Angels right? In that case I will not be renewing my membership in feb nxt year when it expires will just stay on the fun club then coz I can still support him without the Angel tittle. Am soo over people getting personal with angels that Stan for Chris. My question is why u get mad at angels that support Chris and don't get mad at those that support others eg Lloyd etc? + whoever participates in teambreezy vs treyangels arguments on Twitter is dumb basing on what y'all be tweeting about.people will say the dumbest things. Whoever advertises that Angel advert should meek it clear from now stating it's for die hard funs .

On: Oct 30, 2011

Not again there is no end to this BS between the 2 teams. Since both teams are comprised of silly narrow minded galz living in denial. Iam a proud #TeamBreezy #TreysAngels & I didn't sign to this fun club coz Trey is my favorite artist. I just love & appreciate him. I did not get it why Angels were mad at some Angels including me for voting Chris for the fandomonium Award? Coz Trey was not in that category and that even gave me more reasons to go hard for Chris on the voting which I expressed on Twitter. I got unfollowed by some Angels but hadn't even taken note only noticed when I got sub tweeted by someone who unfollowed me & started tweeted her Angel friends about me going hard for Chris that time mentioning my name was like smh I automatically unfollowed people who unfollowed me & I don't get mad at anyone who unfollows me coz for me there's more to life than worrying about who is unfollowing me. If Chris & Trey are in the same Category I vote fo both & let the winner win! I will never choose be teen them 2 neveeeeer!! If my votes were to go to my fav Artist I would have choose to vote for Breezy coz I love his music most & am not afraid to say I listen his music everyday which i don't with Trey. I support both Artist for different reasons & that is why I can't comparevtheir music it's very different to me. I love Trey more when he performs that listening to the CD. But am tired of Angels complaining bat drammer if both teams don't attack each other then there won't be dramma.

On: Oct 13, 2011

Trey tweeted himself that having names inked on yo body don't make shit real lol. The decision doesn't have to be because u wanna proove something but if u passionate about tatts then go ahead.

On: Oct 08, 2011
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