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Name: Jennifer G.
Twitter: @msjenngee
State: New York
Angel NN: Still in need of one!

On: Dec 09, 2010

Awesome idea... I'm in! - @msjenngee

Replied To: Annual Conference 4 Trey's Angels (Forum topic)
On: Dec 07, 2010

Fourth time seeing Trey this year... I absolutely cannot wait! I'm looking forward to meeting up with sum angels this night! xoxox Hit me up! @msjenngee

On: Dec 07, 2010

Have fun ladies... I wont be able to make it to this gathering but hopefully the next one! & Hopefully I'll see all ya'll going to the 12/14 show! Oh and if anyone is selling good seats to that show lemme know cus my seats are kinda sucky but I'm still excited to be in the building!

Hit me up Angels! xoxox

On: Dec 07, 2010

I would love to attend this one considering I missed the last one! I will def try and take off of work for that day. Sounds like a lot of fun & I would love to meet all these amazing fellow Angels! Follow me y'all! @msjenngee

On: Nov 24, 2010
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