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Okay so if anyone could help me with this it would amazing!

so my like best friend is turing 18 here in like less than a month, and me and her absolutly love trey songz, we listen to all of his songs.

well with her 18th birthday coming up and her going off to college next year i wanted to get her an amazing present, so i was wondering if anyone new anyway i could some how get a signed photo wishing her a happy birthday, or if i could some how get him to make a short like 20 sec video wishing her happy birthday.

i know this is like a crazy thing to ask, but she is truly an amazing friend to me, shes helpped me through alot and i just wanted to get her an amazing present, so if anybody has any way to help me, thank you so much! you dont know how much it means to me

if you have anyway of helping me, email me at
thank you so much

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On: Mar 06, 2011

where is that? lol

On: Mar 06, 2011

ok thanks so much=)
do you happen to have the email for treys team? i dont use twitter

On: Feb 18, 2011
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