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On: Oct 19, 2010

i converted my friend by using this vid, now everytime she come over she wanna watch trey getting freaky lol!!

On: Sep 22, 2010

ugh its so many to choose frm!! lol lemme see off top of my head i would have to say frm INFIDELITY
one wheel in the middle
4 hands on it
tw sets of brakes
u decide to slam on it
gotdamn woman where the love go?
whip crash, oh u get whiplash u sit back
cuz u want the ish back
uthink if u try n get wat u just had bakc
she mad at facts
n u caint be mad at that, no, u caint b mad at that

Replied To: Favorite Lyric (Forum topic)
On: Sep 22, 2010

yes love i wld have to say ur mom shld really look into waht trey does at these concerts. 14 is VERY young to attend, but unles ur mother doesnt mind watching a grown man grind the air and massage a woman's inne thighs while he sings n her ear, then she shld let u go with an older cousin. sorry honey but u are a bit young! dnt feel bad i was there not too long ago, but my mom didnt let me go newhere and she aint take me either! lol but even at age 20 today she still doesnt liek when i attend certain things.......

On: Sep 22, 2010

hmmmmm, if i could meet trey and ask him questions i would wanna have him relaxed. i wld ask wat he likes to do other than spend time w his family, what does HE liek to do. and then i wld just ask random questions and let him ask me w/e he wanted. a real relaxed environment and try n make him feel as comfortable as possible

On: Sep 22, 2010
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just a fun and music loving girl with alotta goals that i plan to meet. i must say that im one of trey's biggest fans and i know alotta ppl say that but im sincere.