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Tam all 4 u's picture

Thank u again it will b a great bday present if I win and i'll know who to thank :)

HIs-LastTime's picture

Hey, check out my new story, Passion Pain Pleasure: The Show. parts 1-3 are posted, let me know what you think...

MZ. Yuuup I'm Classy's picture

Hey Hun, I'm doing fine and you? I know I haven't been on here in a while. Do you know how to enter in contest to see Trey?

nequa_3's picture

how was it yesterday?

Sweet-Shani♥'s picture

hey can u reply to me as soon as possible i will like to know where the so kodak concert is being held I have my wristband just don`t know the location. Thanks

TheBarbieCop's picture

Your pics are awesome...that is some yummy eye candy!!!

TreysInspiration's picture

I love ur pics of trey u have some nice ones have a great weekend

MahoganyAngel Shay's picture

Thank you

Ajalltheway's picture

Have you tried emailin the companys i havent got mi shirt or tag i been emailin everybody like i was crazy but i think thats wat you u should do cause they said they were trynna c wat was goin on

SHARON_FlawsNall's picture

Thank you! Still Awe struck :D Love Love Trey !!!! *Heart Skips A Beat*

JesusIsMySavior's picture

I would like to go but I'm not sure I want to wait on a line,. How about you?

nequa_3's picture

hey are u goin to the cd signing?