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On: Feb 11, 2011

there is always gonna be haters out there so fuck them all as soon as a nigga get his shit together its a problem until trey confirm that he is gay its just rumors so fuck haters its all cause trey wont give them the time of day.........i still love him even if he is gay

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On: Jan 24, 2011

@ohsoluhlee that is one of the realist thing i heard so far i like that

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On: Jan 24, 2011

well he is single but he dont wanna up set his fans by saying he has a girl so hopefully he do stay single even thought i am for one love him single or married and i will forever be his biggest fan

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On: Jan 23, 2011

ok all good canidate......and no he is not into all that holloywood stuff he is a down to earth person i should no i spend a day with him and he is awsome and simple person he is just like me hardworking know when to joke but also when to be serious he loves kids i no that too i have a daughter which he kept asking about even gave her a shout out on the radio but we like all the samethings and his bday is a day before mine and funny thing is my daughter is 6 and her bday is april thats his mom name and my daughter name is rose same as his grandmother which is just weird....anyway trey i do love you.

On: Jan 14, 2011
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i am a smart an intelligent young lady, i like to enjoy life with my daughter gabriella my world......i love to play basketball i no am a big celtics fan.....but i love trey songz a million times more, i am as you can see a very outgoing person who loves to smile alot and i look for anyone who can make me laugh but at the same time a serious person.
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