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I'm not a fan of horror films and I only went to support Trey. The role he played was fine. I couldn't imagine him playing any of the other roles in this movie. Playing Ryan gave him a lead role and I think it was a smart move. It gave him more camera time before he died. He did very well with his part; I just wish he would have had a few more scenes w/ a little more dialogue. I'm anxiously awaiting his next film "Baggage Claim" with Paula Patton, Lauren London, and others. Hope it comes out this year.

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On: Jan 11, 2013

I love the video concept for this song. It makes me want Trey to really find a true love of his own and be happy. This video has me feeling a certain type of way for Trey; I want him to be happy. He has so many loving fans but he seems lonely at the same time. Praying for him always though. #AllegantAngel.

On: Dec 29, 2012

Congratulations on your nominations Trey! Grammy noms are next! You have come so far and have stayed humble and as a fan I appreciate all you do. Keep living your dreams and inspiring others to do the same and give back to our communities. You deserve all the recognition you are receiving. Chapter 5 is an awesome album and I believe it to be some of your best work yet. Your vocals continue to mature and I love the vulnerability expressed on the album. Keep doing you and continued success is inevitable. Sending you Angel Love - Allegiant Angel - @jkcaliqt

On: Sep 20, 2012

Jackie Kennedy supports the idea of buying single VIP Tickets.

On: Sep 20, 2012

Trey ain't showing AZ no love at all smh. Cali and WA aren't the only west coast states that love Trey. I guess I'll wait to see what happens with the tours . . .

On: Aug 14, 2012
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