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JLO Int'l


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On: Sep 16, 2011
On: Sep 16, 2011

All I gotta say is, Trey, I want u cum 2 Barbados n when u cum I wud luv 2 meet u. Ur biggest Bajan fan!!

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On: Jun 03, 2010
On: May 25, 2010
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JLO Int'l!!
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I'm from the beautiful island of Barbados (Rihanna's birth place) and I'm an undergrad student at the University of the West Indies studying Computer Science. I use your song "Successful" as my theme song and inspiration for my university life. I also play the violin. I love you, Trey Songz!! Peace, blessings, love, joy and prosperity to You and Yours!! P.S. I would love if u came to Barbados, Trey!