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On: Oct 26, 2010
On: Oct 24, 2010

Just to update all fellow angels & let you know I was super serious, I did send an email to @treysangels (hoping that they'd view it among the emails coming from the angels who never got their trey letter). Thus far I have not gotten a response & since they've yet to follow on twitter this was the only source that came to mind. I'll keep trying or find an alternate route:)
Figured that be a good place to start since they close to his team. Ill give it another shot but then I'm on to the next lol! ~

Much love trey fam!

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On: Oct 18, 2010
Replied To: FOLLOW FRIDAY (Blog)
On: Oct 08, 2010

SoOoOo ladies! Just popping in to thank you for all the support on this! Continue to spread the word about to all fellow angels. I read some of your comments & I am loving the feedback. I am definitely thinking this event would be like PPP tour. Since most of us are willing to travel to see him it'd have to be a central location (state & city wise) and in a safe environment.
I'd like to think he would travel from coast to coast considering that I think its safe to say the mans got angels everywhere. I been noticing the discussion board and while I'd like to think we East Coasters are dominiating:) I know all the angels deserve a chance to see him too!

~As you ladies say leggo!

Replied To: ANGELS ONLY TOUR/EVENT PETITION!!! (Forum topic)
On: Oct 07, 2010
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Next to his fam-trey's biggest fan! Been loving his music & humbled personality since 05". Trey Songz is one of those rare artists that come along once in a while. He's got a soulful voice that reminds me much like that of Teddy Pendegrass or Al Green, - music that touches the soul. On a more personal note I'm an advocate for everyone (especially women,teens,kids) to be cancer free. It has no reservations on race or sex so if you're body tells you somethings wrong, LISTEN! Getting a degree in a field that is newly developing is rough & college is not cheap:( But its my way of giving back not only to my community but to all those going through the battle worldwide! I look forward to enjoying my angel membership, getting to know the angels, & being involved in all things Trey! ~Sending prayers & lots of love to Mr. Neverson & blessings to all his angels & fans. ~J.Nicole~
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