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Love this song and hope that you will have a video for "Without A Woman", "Fumble", and/or "Never Again" soon.

On: Nov 16, 2012

Trey..Trey..Trey. I LOVE ChapterV soooooo much! You have a God given and blessed talent and I wish you love, success, and may all your goals, hopes and dreams as an Man, Businessman, Artist, Entreprenuer and be acheived to your satisfaction. And as much as I would LOVE to be MRS. TREMAINE ALDON NEVERSON...when you do find her I pray and wish for you to have everything you"ve prayed to God for and much much more. Can't wait to see you do what you LOVE in Hampton, Dec.15,2012...mmmmuah Love You

On: Nov 16, 2012
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