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from having a look below most of these are starstruck fans..i've got a different story.

about a year ago i was hitting pretty hard times at college, i was failing exams and my attitude was definitely hitting rock bottom. my mate and i where having a chat about girls and he mentioned playing trey songz every time he picked a girl up (yes girls love trey none the less) well i took trey songz music in a different way other than using it as girl magnet. i started using trey songz music to zone my thoughts out from my worries, id play the music in my car as loud as i could just to allow me to relax. trey songz music has so many different aspects to it, it helped me relate my worries. aston martin music is probably the main song to see me through this time. eventually i worked my way through the exams and now im a qualified electrician and been running my own business for 4-5 months. Im currently pushing to get into stage lighting for concerts and events etc. top of the world is the song which makes me want to prove my worth so bad. trey songz is a big influence to me having so much success, i just cant wait to reach the top like trey and i wont give up until i do. thankyou, joshua.

On: Aug 05, 2012
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United Kingdom