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@JIMS I'm glad you see where I'm coming from. Since there isn't any for sure way to get in contact or send Trey Songz a message I made this little discussion thing to put it out there that it is noticeable and does impact the way I want to see him as an artist. He remain a hit single no matter what we think however since we do hear the difference it counts as good feedback to him to be more aware of it before it becomes a habit.

On: Jun 29, 2011

Hi again, Sorry I've been offline. However yes, @ Number1 Hon I do mean the his music that he has came out recently. Even though they are good songs and have that sound that we all like to hear its just not giving me (my own opinion) that extra story line behind the music that makes it so powerful. Whether it be on a CD or one of his live performances in the begging even when he wasn't the "hit" of the song he had a way of standing out and owned that thrive to work hard like in the song 1st Time ft Yung Joc. Also for example the song Gotta Make It Ft Twista, no one without a doubt can say that this guy isn't feeling it and thriving for it in all his heart. Also even if he has more things to worry about now because he is doing better for himself that doesn't give him as an excuse as an artist not to put the same attention that he did before with the elegance of his words in his new songs now.

On: Jun 29, 2011

You got it ^.^. In my opinion if he took time and got himself together that his music would be so much more effect on his listeners.

On: Jun 27, 2011

Yea , exactly. I see him and sometimes I love it and other times I just wished he took a breathe and did it again. u know?

On: Jun 27, 2011

Well, here's the thing I'm going to be honest with you. I loved the song Can't Be Friends however when he combined it with the video I was a little disappointed. It lacked the personal, painful, and that heartbreak feeling that we all relate to and those moments we go back to when listening to a song like this. However when I was watching the video it felt commercial and lost with all of the "Hollywood" put behind it. For example with his song Your Side of the Bed it was beautifully made. You felt his struggle to let go of his co-actor when she left and after it was over think back on the video and be moved by the pain and future struggles that you knew that character had to face. This is what I mean by soul and art. To be in control of the ability to change peoples mood and impact society is what the main focus should be on. That is why artist get paid. His older songs are full of art and love but now is when he's working so hard when really, its like anything that you try to think to hard on, it looses its ease and quality because the beauty of music is to make it all seem everyday and natural.

Overall what I'm saying is that what Trey Songz's new goal should be is to be that artist he dreamed of being when he was younger and not loose that personal relationship with his art. All of this will make him stand out and later on pro long his career instead of getting molded into the lights.

On: Jun 27, 2011
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