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DAAANNNG....YALL ARE NASTY HAHA!!!!!:pppp,Since when did this become the "Dirty Talk" Topic bahaha xD xD!!!!!

On: Oct 05, 2010

I dont think he!!!!I just think that Trey tries to put on a celebrity persona for his fans and every songs he make are not all about"Sex"...just cuz of what you see him doin his video,doesnt mean thats how he acts personally with a woman!!!Hes a sex symbol...thats it,thats his celebrity character he shows for his fans!Obviously,trey is a ladies man who loves to put on a good show for women!!!Nobody has ever slept with the i wouldnt call him a freak....hes just sexy as heck!!:)

On: Oct 03, 2010

Ohh I Know girl.....that verse was fire when all of us sung it!!!YUUUUUUUPPP!!!!!:)

On: Oct 02, 2010

I willl definately be tuning in to that lke i always do,but this is extra special cuz i get to see my man tremaione on there!!!!!!!!!!:D:D

On: Oct 02, 2010

Heck Yes!!!!!!!!!I wouldnt mind seeing that!!;D,take it off haha xD

On: Oct 02, 2010
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