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welll,just cuz trey touches woman doesnt mean hes trying to jump into a just means that trey is simplty showing off his sex appeal and he is a ladfies man anyways so...of course he can flirt but its not like"oh,lets get together ...i like you!!! haha!xD....naww:)@JesusIsMySavior

Replied To: Is it true?? (Forum topic)
On: Oct 02, 2010

noooo!!!!thats not true!!!Lauren London got pregnant a while ago....she already had the baby and LIL'WAYNE IS THE FATHER....I KNOW BECAUSE LAUREN LONDON VISITED HIM IN JAILO,SO HE COULD SEE HIS CHILD!:)

Replied To: Trey Songz a dad? (Forum topic)
On: Oct 02, 2010

no it isnt true!!!they did an autograph signing togetherbut it was nothing more,trey is still like he said very much single!:)

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On: Oct 02, 2010

I have been a fan of Trey Songz ever since he first came out in 2005,its been that long i continued to stay loyal to him!!!!:))
The qualities I love most about him is his personality,generousity,courage,smile,how he is such a caring family man and loves all his angels to death,i love his body language,music,voice,talent,sexiness,and i asdore the fact that he is charitable and works hard everyday!!There are just so many great things about Trey you could name!!! I freaklin love him!!!!!!!!!!!!:)))))

On: Sep 29, 2010

oh thats easy..I would be his "Special Birthday Present hahaha!xD

On: Sep 29, 2010
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