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thank you!:)

On: Sep 28, 2010

I would have to say "Love n Happening" by Al Green because thats real classy butits probably a little earliear than the 90' 70s or 80s.
My second choice from the 90's would be "How Does It Feel" by DeAngelo

On: Sep 28, 2010

Well,i wouldnt JUDGE him at ALL if he wasnt physically atractive...but hey nobody is perfect or better than the other,nobody is perfect but..JESUS CHRIST and thats forreal!!!I always thought Trey was a beautiful person inside and out!And he's a very down to earth guy with a big heart,and at the end of the day..thats all that matters!Tremaine is also crazy talented with a KILLER VOICE,i always said that looks arent everything..but i do believe that if he wasnt a physically attractive,i think his fan base would be low because people these days only care about outside appearance instead of the person inside,so he would have alot of fans turn their back on him because they lost loyalty for his musicc!!!:) I WOULD NEVER EVER STOOP THAT LOW BECAUSE YOU COULD MEET THE MOST HANDSOME GUY ON EARTH,BUT ONCE YOU START TALKING TO HIM...YOU FING OUT THAT HIS IS A SELF-CENTERED JERK!!!!!!!!!!:)SO,I THINK YOU GUYS SEE MY POINT NOW HA!...if you judge ppl based on that then you will be judged later on!.....So,I will ALWAYS ALWAYS CONTINUE TO SUPPORT MY MAN TREMAINE BECAUSE HE IS A GREAT HUMAN BEING,AND I LOVE HIM,HIS PERSONALITY,AND MUSIC TO DEATH!!!! I LOVE YOU TREMAINE NEVERSON FOREVER A.K.A "TRIGGA" TREY:))))))))))

On: Sep 28, 2010

@COOGIdown (dababyphatgodess) ...why!!!???

On: Sep 26, 2010
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