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First of all,i dont know what ur talking about,i didnt see a video on youtube of that!!!!!:/
Second,did you check the date that video was posted...its probly not recent and from a long time ago!
And last.if you watched 106&Park or "106 & Trey"Nikki Minaj said that everytime he lookw these ladies in the eyes its from the heart and he makes them feel BEAUTIFUL!!!:)
I cannot really blame trey for being confident and having a big ego!!!!Alll men do,if i was in his shoes and had THAT MUCH success,i would have done the same thing!!!

On: Sep 25, 2010

@SShorty...:O excuse me!!!!!!!! I cannot belive what you just said!You got alot of nerve to blame US for sumthing that MIGHT have happened to trey!:/...Just cuz you saw a comment made on youtube by some randam person doesnt mean anything(its just a opinon ..not a fact)!!!Trey has so much success in his life right now...Dont believe everything you hear or see just to do..wait till you hear it out of Trey's mouth!!! And ur calling all of us young,when u r young once to so chill out!:/And dont come on hear blaming people for no dare you!!!:(

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On: Sep 25, 2010

My favorite song off his PPP album so nfar is called "You just need me!'...the reason i l;ike this song so much is because the song,and genre of the song is different then your average Trey Songz hear on the radio,it is more techno and popand with his smooth R&B adds more sexiness to his voice!!!:))
My second reason why i love this song so much is because it really describes the passion in my life,one of my top "Passions" is LOVE and HAPPINESS:)...the lyrics in the song explain so much of that in many ways,when you are with a person you know you want to spend the rest of your life with,and will never treat you start thinking i am the right person for you"You Just Need Me!"...not anybody else!!That is what i think abput everytime i hear this THANK YOU SO MUCHH TRIGGA"TREY" FOR MAKING THIS AWESOME SONG!!!I LOVE YOU ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!:))

On: Sep 25, 2010

thank you sooo much for putting this dicussion up!!!!!:)!...Therewas a dicussion topic asking if there should be an age limit at his concerts and i said no because we all love trey and it would cause TOO MUCH CHAOS!!!!..If you are mature enough to handle what trey does on stage then any other teenager out there can be too!:) Yuuuuuuup!haha.:)

Replied To: NO IT SHOULD'NT (Forum topic)
On: Sep 25, 2010

i that all you care about?!...just his appearance or what he looks like!!There are wayyy more things you need to be focused on like Trey's music,voice,personality,style,heart and soul...So,you need to wake up and pay attention to the real deal!!:)

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On: Sep 25, 2010
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