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Well,a fan is a true person who has been with trey from day one and will continue to support trey and his music,and loves him for who he is!:))
Now, haha a groupie is somebody who just cares about their fame,all they want is their if they were ever in a relationship with trey they would only like him for Trey Songz...("The R&B Superstar,")...not,instead of likinghim as Tremaine Neverson the human being!:)
..That is a really good topic

On: Sep 24, 2010

YEAH Cha'Naiya is right...,i dont think so either!And besides if you already bought a ticket to go to his concrt,then when you get there they say you gottta be a certain age limit to get in!!!!That's a waste of moneyyy and very disappointing to his fans!:(It would hurt many people,Trey is very sexy ...but thats his job to put on a goood show and give the ladies a performance to remember!;))

On: Sep 21, 2010

You cant be mad at Trey,it want his fault..he doesnt set all that stuuff up,his managers do that!!So,please do not blame trey for no reason!!Especially,when you dont know for 100% sure that it is his fault because of what happened to you!!:/

Replied To: Upset with Trey about Southpark Mall (Forum topic)
On: Sep 19, 2010

and Tremaine is a very beautiful person inside and out either way,Iand that is all that matters(who he is inside).......I loved trey ever since he first got into the music business five years ago!:))...nothing can ever change my mind on that!!!:))..I Frrreeaakkiin Luuuuuvvvv Yoooou Trrreey sooo much and always will!!!:)...Balee Dat..;)

On: Sep 15, 2010

OMG!!!!!!!Thank You!:)>>Alot of these girls on here just focus on Trey's looks,and sex apppeal more than his personality and music!!!!!In my opinion,i think that there shouldnt a whole bunch of randam fans coming out of nowhere just because Trey's hgaircut or looks!!!Looks ARE NOT everything,being who you are carrries you a long way to be uccessful rathar than appearence!!!He is just not turning mature,he has been mature!!!A HAIRCUT CANT JUST CHANGE A PERON LIKE THAT!ALL YOU FANS THAT ARE SCREAMING YOUR HEARTS OUT FOR TREMAINE...WHY COULDN'T YOU DO THAT FIVE YEARS AGO WHEN HE FIRST STARTED,TO SUPPORT HIM LIKE YOU DO NOW?THATS NOT RIGHT!!!!AND IT REALLY GIVES A WHOLE LOT AWAY ON WHOPSE TREMAINE'S REAL,TRUE FANS ARE!;))

On: Sep 15, 2010
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