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Specially Trey'z
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HEYYYYYYYYY! I'm Jelsea but everyone calls me Nook I'm 17yrs old and I'm from Denver CO I Love Trey Songz But GOD is #1 all the way. I'm a BUG TREY TREY fan he's sexy and works hard 2 all the HATERS who are hating on HIM find something better 2 DO. If I could have one wish I wish TREY TREY would come 2 DENVER and meet ME. I'm a SENIOR in HIGH SCHOOL about 2 Go 2 COLLEGE in OKLAHOMA. I'm in LOVE WITH him I no all about TREY SONGZ. #TEAM TREY TREY and 2 all the females yes I gave him a nickname and it's TREY TREY! I LOVE YOU BABE DENVER IS WAITING ON YOU WHEN EVER YOU WANT 2 COME LOVE <3 BASKETBALL IS all me I'll smash anyone #3 get at me my fav Color is YELLOW I went 2 see TREY TREy and got some of his shirt SO HAPPY now it's on my wall with his's shirt and pix TEAM GOD 1st then TREY TREY SENIOR's ROCK 2012 ONE LOVE
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