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ok i was looking on for trey songz and one of them had him fighting so i was looking at it. ok . this happened! the music starts and someone threw something on stage so he was like who threw that stage and he like stop music then the person identify theirself and he was it was you and he jumps in the crowd and beats the shit out of him. all you see is arm in the air beating the shit out of the boy . body guards were pulling him offf. dang just dang . if that boy does again he better go to sleep cuz i will mess up his face . no one i mean no ONE touch him in a hurtful way see if i found you don't you dont want that to happen cuz most of you boys are jealous over him becuz he has a crest white smile. he got a thing to make a girl pass out i mean like i seen alot video of girls and passing out i mean dang he that sexcy to make them pass. shit he will make pass in a minute no in a sec the first he tell to come here someone going to on the ground and its going to me.I LOVE YOU