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Charlotte, NC on Dec 14 or Atlanta, GA on Nov 17... hmm....decisions, decisions

On: Oct 09, 2012

I am late responding, but, I am a South Carolina Angel.

On: Sep 24, 2012

And I LOVE scary movies too!!

Replied To: TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D [Trailer] (Blog)
On: Sep 14, 2012

After listening to Chapter V, I was so moved that I had to write my thoughts down.
Chapter V: A great introduction to the album. Dive In: One of those sexy Trey records that we fans love to hear. Panty Wetter: When I listen to this song, I have to do that 90s Male R&B group rock from side to side. Heart Attack: I love, love, love this song! That is all I can say. Playin Hard: A side of men that some of us women always knew about. 2 Reasons: A Club Banger/Birthday Song. Love that Trey mentions the Carolinas. Hail Mary: Being the huge football and music fan that I am, this is a great marriage between the two. Don't Be Scared: A song that speaks to people who miss out on a good person because of what their friends and family think. Pretty Girls Lie: A song that speaks us women who hide a lot deep down inside and hardly ever show our true selves to anyone. Bad Decisions: A song that speaks to people who mess up in a relationship over and over and don't realize that it is their decisions until the other person leaves. Forever Yours: Let’s us women know that a man wants us to tell them this at some point. Fumble: Another mix of football and music. However, this time love is lost. Just like in football when the ball is lost because of a fumble. Without A Woman: A beautiful song. I get that Made to Be Together feeling when I listen to this song. Simply Amazing: My description of this album. This is a beautiful song about a man being in love with his woman. Never Again: Definitely one of my favorite songs. It’s talking about love lost. However, I find myself dancing to it. The beat and Trey’s falsetto are great! Check Me Out: Another Club Banger. I do love when Trey raps and the way he raps on this song is one of my favorites. The beat takes me back to the booty music days. #DirtySouthChick. Ladies Go Wild: I can hear this song at Jillian’s. Almost Lose It: This song left me speechless! I can so see the video for this. #Under2000Characters

Replied To: Chapter V Review (Blog)
On: Sep 11, 2012

Like the song instantly when I first heard it!!! The video just made me fall totally in love with the song!! Amazing!!!!!

On: Jul 23, 2012
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