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I so agree especially with the smaller venue! Great idea! We need to make this happen.

On: Mar 04, 2012

I will be there!!!

On: Mar 04, 2012

My google + name -TrueHeart Angel :)

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On: Sep 19, 2011

Sounds good to me count me in......

On: Sep 19, 2011
Replied To: OUI OUI (Blog)
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Angel Nickname: TrueHeartedAngel This is the first fan club that I ever joined so far I have had the opportunity to meet alot of wonderful people. I have attended 4 concerts which includes 2 OMG Nashville & Memphis, TN , Love Faces 2011-Chicago, IL PassionPainPleaasure -Birmingham, AL. I had the opportunity to meet Trey 12/27/10 backstage at OMG Nashville concert. He follows me on twitter. He also tweeted me as well. I have also been very active in my community as well even though I was already working and doing what I can I now use the AWH platform to continue doing whatever God leads me to do. I hope you enjoy being an angel as much as me & if your not one please sign up. Follow me on twitter: @msprettyelegant @trueheartangel and follow my tumblr:
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